pydantic 使用初探

2020/09/03 技术

pydantic 使用初探

借助 pydantic 库, 定义好接口参数模型后, 可以自动进行参数校验, 自动生成接口文档.

pydantic 官方简介:

Data validation and settings management using Python type hinting.

Fast and extensible, pydantic plays nicely with your linters/IDE/brain. Define how data should be in pure, canonical Python 3.6+; validate it with pydantic.

1. 基本使用方法

import unittest
from pydantic import Field, BaseModel

class BA(BaseModel):
    a: int = Field(description="int...")

class BB(BA):
    b: str = Field(description="string...")

class TestPyDantic(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self) -> None:

    def testSchemaJson(self):
        """ """

    def testDynamicTypeHint(self, ):
        """ 测试动态代码提示 """

        class JA(object):
            BASE = BA

            def __init__(self, **kwargs):
                """ """
                self._params = self.BASE(**kwargs)

            def params(self) -> BA:
                return self._params

            def aaa(self):
                """ """
                print(type(self.params.a), self.params.a)

        class JB(JA):
            BASE = BB

            def params(self) -> BB:
                return self._params

            def bbb(self):
                """ """
                print(type(self.params.a), self.params.a)
                print(type(self.params.b), self.params.b)

        # 输入配置

        # 动态
        JB(a=10, b="b").bbb()


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